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Lincoln is placing priority Special Orders. Custom order your Lincoln today! Contact About Order Now

Pine Tree Lincoln


Lincoln Commercial Vehicle Centre Dealer in Vaughan, Ontario

Pine Tree Lincoln is a commercial vehicle centre dealer involved in selling and repairing commercial vehicles. We carry a quality selection of commercial vehicles ready to be used for personal or business use. Stop by Pine Tree Lincoln today to browse our commercial vehicle inventory.

How Will a Commercial Vehicle Centre Dealer Benefit You?

As someone who owns or runs a business, there's no doubt you're always looking for ways to save money, reduce costs, and find the most competitive deals and prices. As a result, when it comes time to buy goods or services, it's essential to work with a commercial vehicle centre dealer to deliver everything they've promised at the best price possible.

The benefits of a commercial vehicle centre dealer include:

1. Services Your Vehicle Quickly

Your Commercial Vehicle Centre Dealer can service your vehicle quickly to help keep you on the road. Pine Tree Lincoln will perform a complete check and provide necessary parts, repairs, or services to get you back on the road in working order as soon as possible.

2. Preventive Care

Preventive care services offered at Commercial Vehicle Centre Dealers help you prolong your vehicle's life. The inspection provides you with peace of mind that your car is roadworthy and all manufacturer-recommended maintenance has been completed. Preventive care also helps to increase the resale value of your vehicle by addressing problems before they become significant issues.

3. Comprehensive Service Plans

Comprehensive service plans are a lot more than just protecting your investment. They're an opportunity to enjoy not worrying about repairs or service for a set period. Most service plans include factory-trained technicians who will travel to your location and do the required service work. This helps you save repair costs, reduce downtime, and save money by scheduling as many services during the plan period as necessary.

4. Outstanding Products

We offer you a complete solution for your business or personal requirements with an extensive range of products available to make running your business more accessible and efficient. The range includes cabs, chassis, engines, transmissions, and accessories to ensure that your vehicle meets your needs.

5. Increased Efficiency

A commercial vehicle centre is a place for all your equipment needs. You will find everything you need for your company trucks at a commercial vehicle centre dealer in one accessible location. No matter what commercial trucks you drive, a commercial vehicle centre like Pine Tree Lincoln provides the most efficient solution.

Contact Us Today for Commercial Dealership Services

At Pine Tree Lincoln, we pride ourselves on delivering quality service, and we are ready to help whenever you need us. Our comprehensive range of services ensures that your commercial trucks will be fit for purpose from the moment it leaves our premises. We aim to make the buying process as straightforward as possible and offer helpful advice to our customers throughout their purchase journey. If you are interested in buying a new or used vehicle from our dealership, please contact us today to get a quotation or visit our About Us page to learn more about our products, staff, and services.